RNDG VENTURES is an international boutique services company, comprises a highly collaborative team of senior experts capable of advising any team. We are known for our friendly, adaptable and practical approach that allows us to fully engage with your team to understand risk and plan a practical risk mitigation plan.

Our approach is the result of extensive experience of “problem solving” with a wide range of businesses and industries. We are efficient in our interaction. We adapt to different organisations, their specific needs and culture.

Our advice is tailored to the nature, size and needs of your business. We deliver practical and fit-for-purpose outcomes. Moreover, we ensure corporate governance requirements are met, providing management and boards with assurance on risk and internal control. We strive to be modest, and we know when we do not know. In these cases, we will work with our partners in order to provide with one solution for our clients.

Risk analysis and mitigation

Identifying and mitigating risk are essential to firms’ strategies, given the challenges they face in key areas such as economic volatility, rapid technological change, intellectual property life span and cyberattacks.

We provide Professional, Productive and Practical assessment of the risks that are threatening the success of our clients. Our team works closely with the nominated client’s team (senior management, finance and risk management executives) offering effective, customized solutions to mitigate the risks assessed and agreed upon.

Analysis and Due diligence

Our team of analysts takes a holistic approach to our work. We start with a strategic look at the big picture, identifying world trends relevant to our client’s agenda, and how those could impact the client’s environment. We then identify and assess the local threats and risks that could impact the client’s goal.

RNDG offers deep analysis services to clients in due diligence preparation for M&A or as part of legal disputes. Due diligence is a deep analysis process focused on identifying the “missing” picture, collecting open source information and utilizing relevant databases can assist in closing gaps of information and thus creating a strong and valid situation assessment.

This type of analysis requires transparency of the entity under the Due Diligence process.
Due diligence might address issues that will change the course of action for decision-makers.

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